Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chrome Incognito vs Skype

I often use Chrome's porn incognito mode to test how sites look when I'm not logged. This browser mode should access the webserver without sending cookies. But then why is it that Skype's homepage detects me as being logged in?

I suspect Skype's browser plug-in may be messing up and not respecting my privacy. This is why it's best to avoid browser plug-ins and stick to native functionality.


Rakesh Pai said...

I think all that the porn mode does is destroy cache and cookies once you've closed the porn-mode browser instance. This is AFAIK though - might be wrong.

Sebastiaan Deckers said...

Exactly, and Chrome is good at that. But plug-ins like Skype's need to respect that setting too. Otherwise this is essentially a privacy leak and security issue.