Friday, November 7, 2008

Wall of Ships - Singapore

Last weekend I finally bought a DSLR. The Canon 450D with the 18-55mm IS and 55-250mm IS lenses. A visit with my better half to Singapore's East Coast recreational area provided interesting material to shoot. My favourite result is this panoramic view of ships coming and going at the world's busiest port. It looks like a blockade of the island as they form a wall around the small island city state.

Download the full resolution image at 50,000 x 1280 and 17 megabytes in size. I guess 64 megapixels should be enough for anyone.

Cropped preview showing about 10% of the image at low resolution:
Preview of Wall of Ships, Singapore, Sebastiaan Deckers

It's a composite of 40 images taken in less than 2 minutes without tripod. I used autostitch to merge them in 3 groups, as the utility was unable to process the entire set at once. Then I crudely glued them together using Photoshop. There's a lot of mismatched colour in the first 5-6 shots as I didn't tweak any autostitch settings nor take time to set up the camera correctly.

Update: I made a 1920x1200 striped version of the full size image above. This fits any 16:10 widescreen display. A small part of the left side was cropped out and the sky/water has been trimmed. The 7 layers form a single continuing image.

Download the high quality striped image. It weighs in at just 1.6 megabytes.
Preview of Striped Wall of Ships, Singapore, Sebastiaan Deckers

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Mindful Gamer said...

This is a very good way to resize your photos, but I don't get it. Why should you involve some code changes where you can use a simple software to resize an image, like Aurora HDR?