Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Cr for Chrome

I'm sure everyone here has heard about Google Chrome, its new browser. Chrome is Webkit+Javascript as a platform for future applications. Hmm, I wonder who has been advocating this type of platform since forever? ;-)

Now for some performance stats:

Open browser-mips in IE, FF, Cr. And allow me to coin the abbreviation Cr for Chrome since it’s the chemical element Chromium.

My machine’s results:
Internet Explorer 8 beta 2

Firefox 3

Chrome 0.2


For some reason the lawyers at Google were not paying attention when they rubber stamped the Chrome End User License Agreement (EULA). As others have pointed out this EULA makes it impossible to use Chrome without surrendering everything you post, mail, create, or do on the interwebs. So until this is fixed I won't be using, nor recommending, Google Chrome.

From using Chrome since last night I've noticed some bugs. Images don't seem to render completely. For example the contact list on or the UI icons in GMail are cut off.

My brother's osCommerce site is hopelessly broken. So are Digg comment threads.

The Chrome team was touting their automated testing tools and yet it has so many obvious bugs. I guess testing is not everything.

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Gaurav Chaturvedi said...

The EULA thing got fixed, so better edit that part...

The official word from google is that since chrome is in beta stage so is the EULA :)