Thursday, August 28, 2008

Installing Mac OS X on a PC laptop

I just spent almost an entire day together with Latesh G. to install the excellent Mac OS X on my mediocre Dell Vostro 1400. We must have reinstalled it at least a dozen times, getting one step closer to success with each cycle. Thanks to Anthony G. we had access to the typical distros of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard: JaS OSx86, OSX4ALL, iATKOS and Kalyway. Only the iATKOS flavour managed to even reach the installation wizard. After discovering that this disc had an error and burning a fresh copy, we finally got it deployed. My Dell is running Mac OS X in full graphical glory. And there was much rejoicing. As of now we haven't managed to get audio, wifi nor LAN working. Hence the installation is not really usable for development or other work. I'm not sure how we will find compatible drivers for those components. Does anyone have suggestions?

The biggest lesson I've learned so far: If you want to use a Mac, buy a Mac. While it's fun to play around and discover workarounds for all the compatibility glitches, for any sort of work you will want to skip all that and just drop some cash on the real deal.


Stijn said...

If your looking for drivers, you better look at

Good luck!

erwicker said...

Really helpful. I am not a very computer literate person and you always make things easy to understand. Thanks so much

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